Petros Hatzinikolaou

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BACKGROUND Jejunogastric intussusception (JGI) is a rare but potentially very serious complication of gastrectomy or gastrojejunostomy. To avoid mortality early diagnosis and prompt surgical intervention is mandatory. CASE PRESENTATION A young man presented with epigastric pain and bilous vomiting followed by hematemesis,10 years after vagotomy and(More)
To evaluate the partial contributions and interaction of three vasopressor systems in blood pressure maintenance, nephrectomized rats and rats with intact kidneys were submitted sequentially to catecholamine depletion, elimination of vasopressin's vasoconstrictor action, and (for those with kidneys in situ) angiotensin blockade. Catecholamine depletion(More)
Normotensive anephric rats infused with 2 milliliters of a hyperosmolar solution of either sodium chloride or mannitol showed an increase in arterial pressure that was very pronounced with the sodium chloride and that could be partly abolished by administration of an antagonist to the vasopressor action of antidiuretic hormone (ADH). Rats with congenital(More)
Arginine vasopressin (AVP) release elicited by osmotic stimuli induces variable hypertensive responses. In normotensive anephric rats, a significantly greater blood pressure response was elicited by hypertonic saline than by mannitol infusion, and was further enhanced by previous dopaminergic receptor blockade. Plasma levels of AVP were significantly more(More)
Acute diuresis is considered to alter the hemodynamic responses in the hypertensive state by reducing cardiac preload, mainly due to venodilation. To investigate the magnitude of this event, normotensive and two kidney-one clip hypertensive rats have been subjected to similar plasma volume restrictions by i.v. injection of 0.5 ml of furosemide (1 mg/100 g(More)
Two sisters with documented Adamantiadis-Behcet's disease of different severity, associated with HLA-B51, are described. Although the overall incidence of this complex disease is not different between sexes, only 4 female siblings, versus 14 male, that fullfill the 1990's International Study Group for Behcet's Disease criteria have been reported in the(More)
We studied the changes in systemic and regional hemodynamics (using the radioactive microsphere technique) and catecholamine levels produced by propranolol in conscious semi-restrained intact or nephrectomized rats. Blood pressure increased by 17 +/- 2 and 32 +/- 2 mmHg in intact and anephric rats respectively, total peripheral vascular resistance by 61.5%(More)
We investigated the systemic and regional hemodynamic alterations induced in normotensive anephric rats by stimulation of endogenous vasopressin with an acute sodium and fluid load and following vasopressin inhibition with a specific antagonist of its vasoconstricting action. Blood pressure and total peripheral resistance were significantly higher and(More)