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In areas lacking substantial freshwater resources, the utilisation of alternative water sources, such as desalinated seawater and reclaimed water, is a sustainable alternative option. This paper presents an optimisation approach for the integrated management of water resources, including desalinated seawater , wastewater and reclaimed water, for insular(More)
This study was conducted to determine the characteristics and biogas production potential of organic materials separated from municipal solid wastes using a rotary drum reactor (RDR) process. Four different types of wastes were first pretreated with a commercial RDR system at different retention times (1, 2 and 3 d) and the organic fractions were tested(More)
To enhance the treatment efficiency from an anaerobic digester, a novel six-compartment anaerobic/oxic baffled reactor (A/OBR) was employed. Two kinds of split-feeding A/OBRs R2 and R3, with influent fed in the 1(st), 3(rd) and 5(th) compartment of the reactor simultaneously at the respective ratios of 6:3:1 and 6:2:2, were compared with the regular-feeding(More)
Environmental toxicology is one of the most interdisciplinary subjects and it aims to study the effects of toxic chemicals on living organisms using various toxicological methods. The experiments that examine the deleterious effects of environmental pollutants on animals provide scientific basis for developing environmental standards. Results of such(More)
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