Petros E. Maravelakis

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A Measurement error is a usually met distortion factor in real-world applications that influences the outcome of a process. In this paper, we examine the effect of measurement error on the ability of the EWMA control chart to detect out-of-control situations. The model used is the one involving linear covariates. We investigate the ability of the(More)
The EWMA chart for the standard deviation is a useful tool for monitoring the variability of a process quality characteristic. The performance of this chart is usually evaluated under the assumption of known parameters. However, in practice, process parameters are estimated from an in-control Phase I data set. A modified EWMA control chart is proposed for(More)
In the present article, we study the effect of estimating the vector of means and variance-covariance matrix in the performance of the MEWMA control chart. We show through simulation that the performance of the MEWMA control chart is affected when the parameters are estimated compared to the known parameters case. The control limit that achieves the desired(More)
Zero-inflated probability models are recommended when there is an excessive number of zeros in count data. In the context of statistical process control, such cases arise in high-yield processes where the fraction of non-conforming units produced is very low. Other applications can be also found in the monitoring of health-related process, where it is of(More)
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