Petros Charalampoudis

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Inflammatory myofibroblastic tumors (IMTs) of the breast represent extremely rare lesions. Due to the scarcity of reports, their natural history, recurrence, and metastatic potential remain poorly defined. We report on a case of a primary breast IMT in a postmenopausal female patient treated successfully with breast conserving surgery and review the(More)
Aortocaval fistula (ACF) is an unusual complication of ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA), involving less than 3-6% of all ruptured cases. The clinical presentation is often obscure, depending on the coexistence of retroperitoneal rupture and hemodynamic instability. Prompt preoperative diagnosis is essential in order to plan the operative approach(More)
Infected pseudoaneurysm of the femoral artery represents a devastating complication of intravenous drug abuse, especially in the event of rupture. Operative strategy depends upon the extent of arterial injury and the coexistence of infection or sepsis. Options range from simple common femoral artery (CFA) ligation to complex arterial reconstruction with(More)
Paragangliomas are rare neuroendocrine neoplasms originating from the embryological neural crest. In most cases, they exhibit a benign behavior. Here we report a case of a small symptomatic para-aortic paraganglioma, which was completely removed surgically and a review of the available literature regarding the optimal follow-up of a benign paraganglioma,(More)
Visceral metastases from malignant melanoma (stage M1c) confer a very poor prognosis, as documented on the most recent revised version of the TNM/AJCC staging system. Emergency surgery for intra-abdominal complications from the disease is rare. We report on our 5-year single institution experience with surgical management of metastatic melanoma to the(More)
Introduction. Ventriculoperitoneal (VP) shunting is the treatment of choice for nonobstructive hydrocephalus. In patients with such a device, right lower quadrant abdominal pain can puzzle the surgeon, posing a differential diagnostic problem among appendicitis, nonsurgical colicky pain, and primary shunt catheter tip infection. Treatment is different in(More)
Castleman's disease is a benign lymphoproliferative condition with three distinct histological subtypes. Clinically it presents in either a unicentric or multicentric manner and can affect various anatomic regions, the mediastinum being the most frequent location. We herein present a rare case of unifocal retroperitoneal mass proved to be hyaline vascular(More)
Papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC) is the most common epithelial thyroid tumor, accounting for more than 80% of all thyroid tumors. Recent advances in ultrasonographic screening and US-guided fine-needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB) have facilitated the early detection and diagnosis of papillary thyroid carcinomas. In exceptionally rare cases, papillary thyroid(More)
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