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BACKGROUND AND METHODS The high prevalence of epilepsy detected in rural Tanzania by Dr. Jilek-Aall since 1960, was verified by the World Health Organization (WHO) survey on neurological and seizure disorders. Neurologists and psychiatrists further interviewed both patients and controls using standard methods. The presence of possible risk factors was(More)
A 13-year-old girl with Ki-1 anaplastic large cell lymphoma (Ki-1ALCL) bulky deposits in the brain developed raised intracranial pressure and coma associated with asynchronous burst-suppression following standard dose cranial irradiation. Supportive care, steroids, and chemotherapy resulted in clinical improvement. Burst-suppression coma may be reversible(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVES Few studies have examined the validity of actigraphy in school-aged children. The objective of this study was to examine the validity of a commonly used actigraph compared to polysomnography (PSG) in a sample of children age 5 to 12 y born prematurely, sleeping in their natural home environment. METHODS 148 children born preterm (85 boys(More)
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