Petrina Bastrenta

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Early myoclonic encephalopathy is an epileptic syndrome with different etiologies. Nonketotic hyperglycinemia is one cause. We describe two cases of early myoclonic encephalopathy, secondary to nonketotic hyperglycinemia, with fatal evolution in the neonatal period. These two cases may better clarify clinical findings that can be associated with impairment(More)
Few years ago, elective tracheal intubation in the delivery room was considered as the routine approach in managing respiratory failure in extremely-low-birth-weight infants (ELBW), at least in terms of surfactant administration. Over recent years, the indications and principles of neonatal resuscitation of ELBW infants have been partially reviewed: many(More)
BACKGROUND Administration of oxygen in the delivery room is informed by oxygen saturation (SpO₂). An oxygen saturation range of 60%-70% is the threshold for administering oxygen in the first minutes after birth. The accuracy of newer generation oximeters to measure SpO₂ has not been compared against the 'gold standard', direct arterial blood oxygen(More)
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