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  • E. Giannakaki, A. Pfüller, +14 authors M. Komppula
  • 2015
Raman lidar data obtained over a 1 year period has been analysed in relation to aerosol layers in the free troposphere over the Highveld in South Africa. In total , 375 layers were observed above the boundary layer The seasonal behaviour of aerosol layer geometrical characteristics , as well as intensive and extensive optical properties were studied. The(More)
In this paper we introduce new in situ observations of atmospheric aerosols, especially chemical composition , physical and optical properties, on the eastern brink of the heavily polluted Highveld area in South Africa. During the observation period between 11 February 2009 and 31 January 2011, the mean particle number concentration (size range 10–840 nm)(More)
OBJECTIVES Little is known about the very long-term cognitive outcome in patients with childhood-onset epilepsy. The aim of this unique prospective population-based cohort study was to examine cognitive outcomes in aging participants with childhood-onset epilepsy (mean onset age=5.3 years) five decades later (mean age at follow-up=56.5 years). METHODS The(More)
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