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It's Mine, Don't Touch!: interactions at a large multi-touch display in a city centre
We present data from detailed observations of CityWall, a large multi-touch display installed in a central location in Helsinki, Finland. During eight days of installation, 1199 persons interactedExpand
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Extending large-scale event participation with user-created mobile media on a public display
Most large public displays have been used for providing information to passers-by with the primary purpose of acting as one-way information channels to individual users. We have developed a largeExpand
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Real time building zone occupancy detection and activity visualization utilizing a visitor counting sensor network
Demand-controlled ventilation (DCV) can be adjusted based on room occupancy levels. In this study the feasibility of a visitor counting sensor network in occupancy detection was evaluated. A networkExpand
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Predictive text input in a mobile shopping assistant: methods and interface design
The fundamental nature of grocery shopping makes it an interesting domain for intelligent mobile assistants. Even though the central role of shopping lists is widely recognized, relatively littleExpand
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Ma$$ive ─ An Intelligent Shopping Assistant
Our intelligent shopping assistant, Ma$$ive, is a web application for mobile phones that aims to help users with their everyday grocery shopping by offering features such as natural language shoppingExpand
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Escalator power consumption compared to pedestrian counting data
The energy efficiency of two escalators of different age was evaluated at a subway station in Helsinki, Finland. For this, the escalators' pedestrian counting data and power consumption data wereExpand
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From democratizing innovation to innovating democracy