Petri Pulkkinen

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Although various complex, bulky ligands have been used to functionalize plasmonic gold nanoparticles, introducing them to small, atomically precise gold clusters is not trivial. Here, we demonstrate a simple one-pot procedure to synthesize fluorescent magic number Au25 clusters carrying controlled amounts of bulky calix[4]arene functionalities. These(More)
There is an urgent need for accessible purification and separation strategies of atomically precise metal clusters in order to promote the study of their fundamental properties. Although the separation of mixtures of atomically precise gold clusters Au25L18, where L are thiolates, has been demonstrated by advanced separation techniques, we present here the(More)
A novel process for identifying reusable program clones is described in this work. The process is applied to a very demanding context, a large-scale closed source healthcare software system. As results, the applicability and maturity of the clone detection system are discussed but also the results of the study are summarized. In this, especial care has been(More)
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