Petri Puhakainen

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1. In your opinion, what are the most common ways malicious software (viruses etc.) gets into our company’s network? 2. Where can you find our company’s official information security instructions? 3. Have you applied the instructions concerning SC’s e-mail use to your work? If yes, give some examples of what instructions and for what purposes they were(More)
When implementing their information security solutions organizations have typically focused on technical and procedural security measures. However, from the information systems (IS) point of view, this is not enough: effective IS security requires that users are aware of and use the available security measures as described in their organizations'(More)
Employees’ non-compliance with information systems (IS) security policies is a key concern for organizations. Previous studies have proposed different explanations for employees’ behavior, such as the use of sanctions and monitoring, fear appeal and training, which represent different paradigms of learning. Previous works do not test the validity of their(More)
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