Petri Luukkonen

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In the present study, the WAIS performances of subjects with antisocial personality disorder were compared with the performances of controls, who had other personality disorders and had usually only occasional criminality. It appeared that in all subtests the age-scaled scores of the controls were higher than those of the subjects. Statistically significant(More)
This study assesses the fluidized bed granulation process for the optimization of a model formulation using in-line near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy for moisture determination. The granulation process was analyzed using an automated granulator and optimization of the verapamil hydrochloride formulation was performed using a mixture design. The NIR setup(More)
We describe a method for proactive information retrieval targeted at retrieving relevant information during a writing task. In our method, the current task and the needs of the user are estimated, and the potential next steps are unobtrusively predicted based on the user's past actions. We focus on the task of writing, in which the user is coalescing(More)
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