Petri Ekholm

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Agriculture is the largest source of nutrients into surface waters in Finland, and yet relatively little is known about the actual impact of the agricultural load on the state of lakes. We analysed the water quality data of 20 Finnish agricultural lakes and found that they had higher levels of nutrients, chlorophyll a and turbidity than did the other types(More)
Eutrophication of surface waters can be accelerated by anthropogenic P-inputs, provided that P is in a form available to aquatic primary producers. Potentially algal-available P (Paa) under aerobic conditions was determined with a dual-culture assay from 172 samples representing P in point and nonpoint sources and in lacustrine matter. The availability of P(More)
Ž . A feeding trial was designed to evaluate the influence of partial replacement of fish meal FM protein for soy-derived protein in large rainbow trout fed practical, high-energy diets with and Ž without supplemental phytase. A 2=2 factorial arrangement with two soy levels 0% and 69.4% . Ž y1. of the dietary protein from soybeans and two phytase levels 0(More)
The potential bioavailability of phosphorus in agriculturally loaded rivers of southern Finland was determined by an algal bioassay and the release of the potentially bioavailable particulate P was estimated by sorption studies. According to the bioassay 0 to 13.2 per cent (mean 5.1%) of the particulate P in river water samples was potentially bioavailable.(More)
In marine sediments, the major anaerobic mineralization processes are Fe(III) oxide reduction and sulfate reduction. In this article, we propose that the two alternative microbial mineralization pathways in sediments exert decisively different impacts on aquatic ecosystems. In systems where iron reduction dominates in the recently deposited sediment layers,(More)
This study assesses the effects of external and internalloading on the nutrient concentrations in an agriculturallyloaded shallow lake. Using 13 years of observations of thelake's input and outflow, we calculated the long-term balancesof Tot-P and Tot-N. A more detailed balance, which includeddissolved nutrients and suspended solids, was estimated for(More)
There is a frequent need in the environmental sciences to show the similarity of the results given by two analytical methods. This cannot, however, be done within the conventional 'there is a difference' statistical hypothesis setting of, among others, Student's t-test. We demonstrate here a more appropriate approach that originates from drug testing and(More)
Much of the phosphorus (P) from erosive soils is transported to water bodies together with eroded soil. Studies clarifying the impact of soil erosion on eutrophication have sought largely to quantify the reserves of P in soil particles that can be desorbed in different types of receiving waters. Aquatic microbiology has revealed that the cycling of P is(More)
NO3, Mn, Fe, and SO4 act as terminal electron acceptors (TEAs), modifying mineralization pathways and coupling biogeochemical cycles. Although single TEA concentrations and fluxes have been intensively studied, the factors regulating the simultaneous fluxes and molar ratios of TEAs are poorly elucidated. We studied the mean concentrations, exports, and(More)