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Sensor networks are becoming one of the most used technologies in our lives. Although there are several surveys about sensor networks, almost all of them focus on theoretical basis with little simulations. Some of the studies only explain where these kinds of networks can be useful, without details on how can they be applied. This paper classifies the(More)
Oncogenic activation of c-Myb in both avian and murine systems often involves N-terminal truncation. In particular, the first of three DNA-binding repeats in c-Myb has been largely deleted during the genesis of the v-myb oncogenes of avian myeloblastosis virus and E26 avian leukemia virus. This finding suggests that the first DNA-binding repeat may have an(More)
The v-Myb protein encoded by avian myeloblastosis virus causes oncogenic transformation of monoblastic cells committed to the monocyte/macrophage lineage. v-Myb is a doubly truncated form of its normal cellular counterpart, c-Myb. In addition to its N- and C-terminal deletions, v-Myb contains a number of amino acid substitutions relative to c-Myb. We have(More)
This paper reflects different understanding and positions on future trends of GRID-oriented technologies, applications, and networks, as perceived by representatives from industry and academia. There is no definitive answer on the topic that is raised in the title. Instead, the question serves as a starting point for a discussion of methodologies to apply,(More)
This paper is based on the discussion during a panel that took place at the 7th Workshop on Feature Interactions in Telecommunications and Software Systems in Ottawa, Canada, June 2003. It presents a holistic picture on two paradigms , namely feature and policy, and their intertwining. The guest panelists brought examples from complementary areas and(More)
In the context of a collaborative research project funded by the Canadian Institute for Telecommunications Research (CITR) 1 , we have developed a prototype system for remote access to News-on-Demand. This system allows the user to remotely access a multimedia database, containing news clips in the form of multimedia documents, over ATM and other types of(More)
The aim of this work is to verify the hypothesis which states that, " the use of dependency relations in the negotiation process will improve the balance between the need of the individual agents and the needs of the overall system ". The application is an open virtual market place [1] where agents process their marketing transactions. So, we present a(More)
riven by rapid technological advances in microelectronics , wireless communications, and embedded processing, wireless sensor networks have received tremendous attention from both academia and industry in recent years because of their promise of numerous potential applications in both civil and military areas. A sensor network consists of a large number of(More)