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This paper describes a new open source architecture for unit-selection based speech synthesis called BOSS (Bonn Open Synthesis System). It is built up modularly, with communications between modules taking place in a fixed format. This makes the addition, deletion and substitution of modules very easy. The strict separation between data and algorithms allows(More)
In recent years there has been a substantial debate about the need for increasingly spontaneous, conversational corpora of spoken interaction that are not controlled or task directed. In parallel the need has arisen for the recording of multi-modal corpora which are not restricted to the audio domain alone. With a corpus that would fulfill both needs, it(More)
Verbmobil is a speaker-independent system that offers translation assistance in dialogue situations. In cooperation with other institutes we are developing the speech synthesis module within Verbmobil for German and American English. Current priority is given to an enhancement of naturalness of our PSOLA based concatenative synthesis of German. Due to a(More)
Although an increasing amount of research has been carried out into human-machine interaction in the last century, even today we are not able to fully understand the dynamic changes in human interaction. Only when we achieve this, will we be able to go beyond a one-to-one mapping between text and speech and be able to add social information to speech(More)
In previous research we showed that the priming paradigm can be used to significantly alter the prominence ratings of subjects. In that study we only looked at the changes in the subjects' ratings. In the present study, we analyzed the acoustic parameters of the stimuli used in the priming study and investigated the correlation between prominence ratings(More)
We report on the first results of an experiment designed to investigate properties of communicative feedback produced by non-attentive listeners in dialogue. Listeners were found to produce less feedback when distracted by an ancillary task. A decreased number of feedback expressions communicating understanding was a particularly reliable indicator of(More)