Petra Wagner

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The 23.5 kd protein product of the ras-related YPT1 gene of S. cerevisiae was found to be essential for cell growth. The loss of YPT1 function, studied in cells with the YPT1 gene on chromosome VI regulated by the galactose-inducible GAL10 promoter, led to arrested cells that were multibudded and exhibited a complete disorganization of microtubules and an(More)
This paper describes a new open source architecture for unit-selection based speech synthesis called BOSS (Bonn Open Synthesis System). It is built up modularly, with communications between modules taking place in a fixed format. This makes the addition, deletion and substitution of modules very easy. The strict separation between data and algorithms allows(More)
The YPT1 gene of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae codes for a guanine nucleotide-binding protein which is essential for cell viability. Using as hybridization probe cloned yeast YPT1 gene sequences, we have isolated from cDNA libraries prepared from RNA of mouse F9 and C3H10T1/2 cells several overlapping cDNA clones with identical sequence in the regions(More)
Gestures and speech interact. They are linked in language production and perception, with their interaction contributing to felicitous communication. The multifaceted nature of these interactions has attracted considerable attention from the speech and gesture community. This article provides an overview of our current understanding of manual and head(More)
The %V/∆C model of rhythmic class distinction captures syllable complexity rather than rhythm. An alternative rhythm measure will be proposed based on (z-transformed) syllable durations and inspired by the PVI-measure [1]. Some evidence for the existence of isochronous syllable sequences is presented which might provide a new approach towards a(More)
In a previous study [1] we investigated properties of communicative feedback produced by attentive and non-attentive listeners in dialogue. Distracted listeners were found to produce less feedback communicating understanding. Here, we assess the role of prosody in differentiating between feedback functions. We find significant differences across all studied(More)
Being able to respond appropriately to users’ overlaps should be seen as one of the core competencies of incremental dialogue systems. At the same time identifying whether an interlocutor wants to support or grab the turn is a task which comes naturally to humans, but has not yet been implemented in such systems. Motivated by this we first investigate(More)
BACKGROUND Exposure and sensitization to pet allergens are associated with allergic asthma in children. Conflicting data have emerged regarding the potential benefit of air cleaners with respect to a reduction of indoor pet allergens and bronchial hyperresponsiveness (BHR). METHODS In a randomized controlled trial 36 asthmatic children with sensitization(More)