Petra Vrablecová

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We introduce a tool aimed to facilitate the management of content, metadata and social annotations assigned to documents in semantic web-based applications. The COME2T (COllaboration- and MEtadata-oriented COntent Management EnvironmenT) allows easy administration of lightweight semantics for the provided content and user-created annotations, which are(More)
This paper presents an approach to predictive modeling of sequentially arriving data, also known as a stream. Because of their unique properties, this kind of data requires different mining techniques. The ultimate limitations are the memory and the time. Since the number of records can be infinite, it is not possible to store them all in memory or read(More)
The paper presents an improvement of incremental adaptive power load forecasting methods by performing cluster analysis prior to forecasts. For clustering the centroid based method K-means, with K-means++ centroids initialization, was used. Ten various forecasting methods were compared in order to find the most suitable ones to combine with clustering. The(More)
Weboveda: východiská, predmet, metódy Slovenská technická univerzita v Bratislave 2014 Edícia výskumných textov informatiky a informačných technológií Weboveda: východiská, predmet, metódy Štúdie vybraných tém programových a informačných systémov (5)  2014 prof. Literatúra [1] McCown, F., Nelson, M.L.: Resources for teaching web science to computer science(More)
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