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Croatia is a focus for many rodent-borne zoonosis. Here, we report a survey of 242 rodents and small mammals, including 43 Myodes glareolus, 131 Apodemus flavicollis, 53 Apodemus agrarius, three Apodemus sylvaticus, six Sorex araneus, four Microtus arvalis, one Microtus agrestis, and one Muscardinus avellanarius, collected at eight sites in Croatia over an(More)
Introduction Recent international studies have shown that viral infections, especially noroviruses (NV) (former name " Norwalk-like viruses ") are the most frequent cause of gastroenteritis in the community regarding the endemic and the epidemic situation (1–6). These viruses account for an estimated 6% and 11% of all infectious intestinal diseases in(More)
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