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Evaluation of Neural Pattern Classifiers for a Remote Sensing Application
This paper evaluates the classification accuracy of three neural network classifiers on a satellite image-based pattern classification problem. Expand
Dual Kernel Density Estimation as a Method for Describing Spatio-Temporal Changes in the Upper Austrian Food Retailing Market
This article discusses spatio-temporal variations in concentration processes and market dominance in the Upper Austrian food retailing market between 1998 and 2001 using the dual kernel densityExpand
Optimization in an Error Backpropagation NeuralNetwork Environment with a Performance Teston a Pattern Classification Problem
Various techniques of optimizing the multiple class cross-entropy error function to train single hidden layer neural network classifiers with softmax output transfer functions are investigated on a real world multispectral pixel-by-pixel classification problem that is of fundamental importance in remote sensing. Expand
A Neural Network Classifier forSpectral Pattern Recognition.On-Line versus Off-Line Backpropagation Training
In this contributon we evaluate on-line and off-line techniques to train a single hidden layer neural network classifier with logistic hidden and softmax output transfer functions on a multispectral pixel-by-pixel classification problem. Expand
The Dynamic Impact of Monetary Policy on Regional Housing Prices in the United States
This paper uses a factor-augmented vector autoregressive model to examine the impact of monetary policy shocks on housing prices across metropolitan and micropolitan regions. To simultaneouslyExpand
The Dynamic Impact of Monetary Policy on Regional Housing Prices in the US: Evidence Based on Factor-augmented Vector Autoregressions
In this study interest centers on regional differences in the response of housing prices to monetary policy shocks in the US. We address this issue by analyzing monthly home price data forExpand
Welcome to a New Editor-in-Chief
2020 JGS Best Paper Award and the Editors’ Choice Paper Volume 23(1)
With the first issue of 2021, it is our pleasure to announce two novel initiatives to acknowledge and celebrate the outstanding quality of research published in the journal: first, the new annual JGS Best Paper Award, and second, the Editors’ Choice of their favorite paper of each issue. Expand