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The Arabidopsis SAUR36 , renamed RAG1 , integrates auxin and gibberellin signals to regulate apical hook maintenance in etiolated seedlings, hypocotyl elongation in the light and fertility. Phytohormone signalling intermediates integrate responses to developmental cues and the variety of environmental inputs thereby governing all aspects of plant growth and(More)
Seed germination is of immense significance for agriculture and has been studied for centuries. Yet, our understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying regulation of dormancy and germination is still in its infancy. Gibberellins are the key phytohormones that promote germination, and the DELLA protein RGL2 is the main signalling intermediate involved(More)
BACKGROUND Biofuels hold the promise to replace an appreciable proportion of fossil fuels. Not only do they emit significantly lower amounts of greenhouse gases, they are much closer to being 'carbon neutral', since the source plants utilize carbon dioxide for their growth. In particular, second-generation lignocellulosic biofuels from agricultural wastes(More)
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