Petra Schweizer-Ries

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Sustainability science is being developed in constructive tension between a descriptive–analytical and a transformational mode. The first is concerned with analyzing problems in coupled human–environment systems, whereas the second conducts research on practical solutions to those problems. Transformational sustainability research is confronted with the(More)
This paper describes the development of a consistent sustainability education approach at the Bochum University of Applied Sciences by introducing sustainability content and practice into existing and new teaching approaches on six levels of education. Since 1999 the Problem Based Learning approach is used in the Mechatronic Teaching. The experiences gained(More)
Since 2001, the international „Global Change Research Community“ has propagated sustainability science as an interand transdisciplinary approach to the assignment of tasks related to sustainable development (Kates et al., 2001). It has afforded a new perspective on man-environment research and demands the inclusion of various branches of psychology,(More)
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