Petra Schulze-Wollgast

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The visual analysis of time dependent data is an essential task in many application fields. However, visualizing large time dependent data collected within a spatial context is still a challenging task. In this paper, we therefore describe an approach for visualizing spatio-temporal data on maps. The approach is based on two commonly used concepts: 3D(More)
Visualization is an effective means for exploring and analyzing complex data. Color coding is a fundamental technique for mapping data to visual representations. Although color coding is widely used in a large variety of visualizations, it is often provided in a limited way only or it is not used effectively. Therefore, we describe in this paper how(More)
This paper addresses the issue of how information visualization techniques can be used to assist full-text search in electronic documents. Our approach supports multiple term queries with interactive treemaps. We use a treemap to visualize the basic structure of the document and exploit color coding to show the distribution of query terms on various levels(More)
In this paper we approach the problem of keyword search in documents from a usability point of view. For hierarchically structured documents, as, for example, scientific texts, it is of utmost importance to relate the query result to the document structure. We use Treemaps to combine a visualization of this structure with the query results. Alternative(More)
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