Petra S. Williams

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This study evaluated the effect of 4 weeks of low-load resistance exercise with blood flow restriction (BFRE) on increasing strength in comparison with high-load resistance exercise (HLE), and assessed changes in blood, vascular and neural function. Healthy adults performed leg extension BFRE or HLE 3 days/week at 30% and 80% of strength, respectively.(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine whether anodal transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) delivered while performing a sustained submaximal contraction would increase time to task failure (TTF) compared to sham stimulation. Healthy volunteers (n = 18) performed two fatiguing contractions at 20% of maximum strength with the elbow flexors on(More)
In this and the subsequent companion paper, results are presented that collectively seek to delineate the contribution that supraspinal circuits have in determining the time to task failure (TTF) of sustained submaximal contractions. The purpose of this study was to compare adjustments in supraspinal and spinal excitability taken concurrently throughout the(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop and establish the reliability and validity of a new quantitative functional measure of haptic perception in the hand, the Hand Active Sensation Test (HASTe). DESIGN Reliability was assessed by test-retest sessions. Validity was assessed via discriminant analysis, concurrent validity with 2-point discrimination and wrist position test,(More)
  • P S Williams
  • The Annals of otology, rhinology, and laryngology
  • 1975
Normal Eustachian tube function is necessary for maintaining healthy middle ear conditions. A tympanometric pressure swallow test is proposed which can be used to assess Eustachian tube function behind an intact tympanic membrane. In general, after recording a baseline tympanogram, mechanically created positive and negative air pressures are created in a(More)
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