Petra Procházková Schrumpfová

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Although telomere-binding proteins constitute an essential part of telomeres, in vivo data indicating the existence of a structure similar to mammalian shelterin complex in plants are limited. Partial characterization of a number of candidate proteins has not identified true components of plant shelterin or elucidated their functional mechanisms. Telomere(More)
Proteins that bind telomeric DNA modulate the structure of chromosome ends and control telomere function and maintenance. It has been shown that AtTRB (Arabidopsis thaliana telomere-repeat-binding factor) proteins from the SMH (single-Myb-histone) family selectively bind double-stranded telomeric DNA and interact with the telomeric protein AtPOT1b (A.(More)
Telomeres, as physical ends of linear chromosomes, are targets of a number of specific proteins, including primarily telomerase reverse transcriptase. Access of proteins to the telomere may be affected by a number of diverse factors, e.g., protein interaction partners, local DNA or chromatin structures, subcellular localization/trafficking, or simply(More)
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