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Software is one of the most complex systems produced by humans. Software development is therefore also complex task and does not result only in production of final software but also produces many additional artifacts. To ensure quality of final product, software development process must be controlled and proper decisions have to be taken at appropriate(More)
E-learning is becoming an important part of education and it can provide new possibilities for disabled people. Critical evaluation is becoming indispensable, especially in e-learning systems supporting disabled people, as very little has been done in this area. This paper describes the development of adapted pedagogical index (AdaPI), which demonstrates(More)
Alcohol dependence syndrome is hard to diagnose because none of the existing laboratory markers alone has sufficient specificity and sensitivity. This study investigated whether combinations of markers would improve the identification of patients with alcohol dependence syndrome. Intelligent data analysis was carried out using the decision tree induction(More)
Invasive medical examinations (like blood examination) are often rather unpleasant especially for children. Therefore an attempt was made to find a non-invasive method for determining the level of blood lipids in children. With that goal in mind two different machine learning methods were used on the database of five-year old children. The results gained(More)
In the recent years intelligent systems proved to be a useful and successful tool which has often been used for decision support, data mining and knowledge discovery in medicine. Data mining and knowledge discovery enable to prove existing hypothesis or to generate new ones – thus they in longer term support the advancement of medicine as a scientific(More)
The success of the e-learning offering depends on it's quality. There is no standard quality model in e-learning, therefore the unique model used in the case study is presented. The SMEs Go Online project aimed to build up competitiveness of small and middle sized enterprises (SME), by offering e-learning courses for their employees in computer and(More)
Coronary artery disease is one of the most frequent causes of premature deaths in Slovenia and also in most countries in the world. A " gold standard " for treatment of left main coronary artery (LMCA) stenosis is still a surgical therapy; however Percutanueous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty (PTCA) is much simpler for the patients and gives comparable(More)
Early and accurate diagnosing of various diseases has proved to be of vital importance in many health care processes. In recent years intelligent systems have been often used for decision support and classification in many scientific and engineering disciplines including health care. However, in many cases the proposed treatment, prediction or diagnose can(More)