Petra Ornstein

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BACKGROUND Working memory problems have been targeted as core deficits in individuals with Fragile X syndrome (FXS); however, there have been few studies that have examined working memory in young boys with FXS, and even fewer studies that have studied the working memory performance of young boys with FXS across different degrees of complexity. The purpose(More)
Interactions of 18 demographic factors with alcoholism treatment outcome and with aftercare participation were studied. For 2 years subsequent to discharge from a 30-day inpatient program, 1210 alcoholic men veterans were followed up and grouped with regard to (1) posttreatment status (abstainers, improved, unimproved, unclassified, deceased) and (2) in(More)
Over their lifetime, approximately 10% of all women become victims of postseparation stalking or assault. We use a nationally representative survey of separated Swedish women to examine whether men who strive to control their partners during their relationships are more likely to stalk or assault their ex-partners after separation. The empirical analysis(More)
The Profile of Mood States was administered weekly to 122 completers and 91 noncompleters of a hospital alcohol rehabilitation program. Ss' initial mood scores were not significant predictors of whether they would complete the program or of whether they would attain abstinence or show improvement in drinking practices at 3-month follow-up. When Ss left the(More)
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The Survey of Interpersonal Values, Attitude Toward Alcoholism Scale, and the Neuroticism Scale Questionnaire were administered to 377 alcoholic male veterans at the beginning and at the end of a 90-day rehabilitation program. The scores were examined in terms of (1) posttreatment changes and (2) their relationships to 2-year posthospital drinking behavior.(More)
The asymptotic variance and distribution of Spearman's rank correlation have previously been known only under independence. For variables with finite support, the population version of Spearman's rank correlation has been derived. Using this result, we show convergence to a normal distribution irrespectively of dependence, and derive the asymptotic(More)
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