Petra Obioma Nnamani

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Phospholipid-modified solid lipid microparticles (SLMs) of Phospholipon® 90G and 90H encapsulating the hydrophilic drug, gentamicin were produced and loaded into three polymeric hydrogels of Poloxamer 407 and polyacrylic acids (Carbopols® 971P and 974P). The SLMs were characterized by morphology and particle size, drug encapsulation efficiency, thermal(More)
Goat fat and Tween 65 admixtures were used to formulate self-emulsifying tablets containing diclofenac. The tablets were formulated by pour moulding using a plastic mould. The tablets were evaluated using the following parameters: weight uniformity, absolute drug content, and liquefaction time. The dissolution profile of diclofenac from the self-emulsifying(More)
NLC topical formulation as an alternative to oral and parenteral (IM) delivery of artemether (ART), a poorly water-soluble drug was designed. A Phospholipon 85G-modified Gelucire 43/01 based NLC formulation containing 75% Transcutol was chosen from DSC studies and loaded with gradient concentration of ART (100-750 mg). ART-loaded NLCs were stable (-22 to(More)
P90Gylation refers to the modification of lipid molecules by one or more phospholipid chains. Phospholipon 90G (P90G) contains about 94.0% of phosphatidylcholine stabilized with 0.1% ascorbyl palmitate and is a safe (GRAS) FDA-approved parenteral excipient with wide applications in drug delivery. P90Gylated-Softisan 142 conjugate, otherwise referred to as(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES With the current snags from the use of Artemisinin - combination therapies (ACTs) in malaria treatment in addition to fear of cross- resistance to unrelated drugs, raising the immunocompetence of individuals in malaria endemic areas by vaccination is the best approach to malaria - free world. METHODS Water - soluble cationic(More)
Effective oral insulin delivery has remained a challenge to the pharmaceutical industry. This study was designed to evaluate the effect of magnesium stearate on the properties of insulin-loaded Eudragit® RL 100 entrapped mucoadhesive microspheres. Microspheres containing Eudragit® RL 100, insulin, and varying concentrations of magnesium stearate(More)
The purpose of this study was to formulate and evaluate novel PEGylated solidified reverse micellar solutions (SRMS)-based solid lipid microparticles (SLMs) for improved delivery of gentamicin. Lipid matrix (SRMS) [consisting of 15% w/w Phospholipon® 90G (P90G) in 35% w/w dika wax (Irvingia gabonensis) was formulated and characterized by differential(More)
The use of conventional vaginal formulations of miconazole nitrate (MN) in the treatment of deep-seated VVC (vulvovaginal candidiasis) is limited by poor penetration capacity and low solubility of MN, short residence time and irritation at the application site. Surface-modified mucoadhesive microgels were developed to minimize local irritation, enhance(More)
The thermodynamic parameters of the charge transfer complex between chloranilic acid and haloperidol were studied. Haloperidol in pure form and in dosage form was assayed in this study. The method was based on charge transfer complex formation between the drug, which acted as an n-donor, and chloranilic acid, which acted as a pi acceptor in a non aqueous(More)
The present study aimed to develop low-dose liquisolid tablets of two antimalarial drugs artemether-lumefantrine (AL) from a nanostructured lipid carrier (NLC) of lumefantrine (LUM) and estimate the potential of AL as an oral delivery system in malariogenic Wistar mice. LUM-NLCs were prepared by hot homogenization using Precirol® ATO 5/Transcutol® HP and(More)