Petra Margetić

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INTRODUCTION The aim of our study was to compare US, conventional MRI and MR arthrography findings in patients with anterior shoulder instability and with a clinical diagnosis of labral capsular ligamentous complex lesion. At the same time we evaluated the accuracy of MR arthrography in the diagnosis of this lesion. METHODS After approval of the local(More)
Aim of our study was to compare anterior cervical fusion with fusion augmented with dynamic implants and with the first generation-plate. Methods. Patients with radiculopathy and/or myelopathy were included in a prospective cohort study. Clinical outcome was assessed according to the Nurick, Odom, and SF 36 scales. Rotation and translation of screws, and(More)
We compared ultrasound (US) with magnetic resonance (MR) findings of muscle tendon and ligaments (mt&l) of 17 men and 13 women, 16-66 years old, who suffered from acute ankle injury without bone fracture visible on conventional radiographs. Joint effusion (JE), and injury of the Tibials anterior muscle tendon (TAmt), Calcaneofibular ligament (CFl), Long(More)
The purpose of the study was to assess the value of ultrasonography in the diagnosis of Achilles tendon rupture, by comparing initial ultrasonographic scans and direct intraoperative findings, as well as to follow up the healing process in operatively and conservatively treated patients. Ultrasound examination was performed in 100 patients (91 males and 9(More)
Unstable pelvic fractures very frequently occur with haemorrhage, not only from the broken pelvis but from the presacral venous plexus and/or iliac arterial or venous branches which may cause hypotension and increases the mortality rate. Very often this type of injury is concurrent with injuries in other organ systems. The compounded nature of these(More)
The purpose of this study was to compare imaging modalities in the diagnosis of occult radial head and neck fractures and to assess the diagnostic value of ultrasound in diagnosing occult fractures of the radial head and neck. The study included 193 patients (101 male, 92 female) who were referred by trauma surgeons from January 2011 to July 2014 and(More)
To assess the value of the ultrasound (US) in different grades of acute trauma by comparing with MR. We analyzed 30 patients, of average age 33, with acute ankle trauma, without fracture on standard radiograms. One week after injury all patients were sent for US. We used linear probe 8–15 MHz. Ten days later, the patients were examined on MR. Anterior(More)
Cervical spondylosis is common condition rarely associated with radiculomyelopathy which surgical treatment, according to meta-analysis, is not better than nonsurgical. Our hypothesis was that neurodecompression which type is chosen according to spinal alignment should result in better functional improvement comparing with nonsurgical treatment. Between(More)
Between January 2005 and May 2009, a total of 26 patients, 21 males and 5 females, were admitted for treatment of Lisfranc lesion. All patients were radiologically evaluated and classified according to the criteria proposed by Myerson: 5 (19.2%) patients had a type A injury, 2 patients (7.7%) presented with a type B1 injury, 17 (65.4%) sustained the most(More)
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