Petra M Belda

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The theoretically expected breaking strength of tablets from powder mixtures is often calculated by the weighted arithmetic mean from the breaking strength of the single components, which corresponds to a linear interpolation. The validity of this additivity of fracture strength shall be evaluated by the underlying model of parallel couplings. It assumes(More)
The influence of the uncertainties involved in the measurement of punch forces and punch separation in an eccentric tableting machine on the validity of the analytical results was evaluated using six direct compression excipients. The analytical parameters considered were the maximum upper punch pressure, the minimum punch separation, the maximum relative(More)
The uncertainty of some characteristic parameters describing the course of the tabletting process, namely the area quotient according to Emschermann and Müller, the apparent net work, the slope of the Heckel-plot, and the parameters of the modified Weibull function, was calculated according to the German norm DIN 1319-4 1999. The method allows to consider(More)
The quality of force measurement in an eccentric tabletting machine equipped with piezo-electric load washers mounted under pre-stress at the upper and lower punches, and the reliability of their calibration in situ and under working conditions were carefully investigated, since this tabletting machine is used as an 'analytical instrument' for the(More)
The weighted arithmetic mean from values of a feature derived from the individual components is often used to calculate the theoretically expected compression behaviour of powder mixtures if no interparticulate interactions between the components occur. Alternatively, simulated and experimental double layer tablets are presented. The suitability of the(More)
The quality of the determination of punch separation in an eccentric tabletting machine equipped with two inductive displacement transducers was carefully investigated, since this tabletting machine is used as an 'analytical instrument' for the evaluation of the compression behaviour of pharmaceutical materials. For a quasistatic calibration procedure using(More)
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