Petra Lolić

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The interplay between pathogens and their hosts has been studied for decades using targeted approaches, such as the analysis of mutants and host immunological responses. Although much has been learned from such studies, they focus on individual pathways and fail to reveal the global effects of infection on the host. To alleviate this issue, high-throughput(More)
The importance of the mammalian intestinal microbiota to human health has been intensely studied over the past few years. It is now clear that the interactions between human hosts and their associated microbial communities need to be characterized in molecular detail if we are to truly understand human physiology. Additionally, the study of such(More)
We show that dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) inhibits Salmonella hilA expression and that this inhibition is stronger under anaerobiosis. Because DMSO can be reduced to dimethyl sulfide (DMS) during anaerobic growth, we hypothesized that DMS was responsible for hilA inhibition. Indeed, DMS strongly inhibited the expression of hilA and multiple Salmonella(More)
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