Petra Kutschera

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The artificial insertion of increasing amounts of unsaturated fatty acids into human erythrocyte membranes modulated ATPase activities in a biphasic manner, depending on the number and position of double bonds, their configuration, and the chain length. Uncharged long-chain fatty acid derivatives with double bonds and short-chain fatty acids were(More)
The mechanism leading to hyperlipidemia in the nephrotic syndrome is not fully understood but may be related in part to loss of high density lipoproteins in the urine of patients with nephrosis. To prove this hypothesis, we compared serum lipoprotein profiles with the excretion of high density lipoproteins in urine in 19 nephrotic patients. Serum(More)
AIM To evaluate the impact of different reconstructed section thicknesses on liver lesion detection using multidetector computed tomography (CT). METHODS Fifty-three patients were examined using a 16-section CT machine with axial reconstructions provided at 2.5, 5, 7.5, and 10mm section thicknesses. Images of different reconstructed section thicknesses(More)
The influence of replacing external Na+ by choline+ on Li+ uptake into rat cortical synaptosomes was studied. Tetraphenylphosphonium+ and methylamine distribution techniques were used to estimate the plasma membrane potential and the transmembrane H+ gradients, respectively. H+ efflux was monitored by automatic titration in the pH-stat mode. In the Na+- and(More)
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