Petra Kozlová

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Complete genomes of three isolates of Potato virus S (PVS) were cloned and sequenced. The PVS ORF-1 was characterized for the first time. It encodes a putative replication protein (RPT) that shares the highest homology (about 52%) with that of Blueberry scorch virus (BlScV). ORF-1 motifs, characteristic for carlaviruses were found for methyltransferase(More)
Strong viroid-caused pathogenesis was achieved in tomato cv. Rutgers by biolistic transfer of severe or lethal potato spindle tuber viroid (PSTVd) strains, while other tomato genotypes (e.g., Moneymaker) were tolerant. With reciprocal hybrids between sensitive and tolerant genotypes, we show that plant depression dominates over tolerance. Biolistic transfer(More)
The paper analyzes voice disturbances, their causes and specific features in teachers based on the questionnaires filled by 934 general educational school teachers. The teachers have been found to associate voice disturbances not only with changes in the voice timbre, but with different subjective feelings that make their professional activity difficult.(More)
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