Petra Kochová

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Pulsed laser deposition was proved as a suitable method for hydroxyapatite (HA) coating of coaxial poly-ɛ-caprolactone/polyvinylalcohol (PCL/PVA) nanofibers. The fibrous morphology of PCL/PVA nanofibers was preserved, if the nanofiber scaffold was coated with thin layers of HA (200 nm and 400 nm). Increasing thickness of HA, however, resulted in a gradual(More)
Three-dimensional analyses of the spatial arrangement, spatial orientation and preferential directions of systems of fibers are frequent tasks in many scientific fields, including the textile industry, plant biology and tissue modeling. In biology, systems of oriented and branching lines are often used to represent the three-dimensional directionality and(More)
A mitral allograft is used exceptionally in the mitral, as well as in the tricuspid position, mostly as an experimental surgical procedure. The authors decided to evaluate the possibility of inserting a cryopreserved mitral allograft into the tricuspid position in a sheep experimental model. Within the framework of this experimental project the mechanical(More)
PURPOSE Quantitative description of hepatic microvascular bed could contribute to understanding perfusion CT imaging. Micro-CT is a useful method for the visualization and quantification of capillary-passable vascular corrosion casts. Our aim was to develop and validate open-source software for the statistical description of the vascular networks in(More)
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