Petra Hopman

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We report on a study of the invariant mass spectrum of the hadronic system in the decay τ − → π − π 0 ν τ. This study was performed with data obtained with the CLEO II detector operating at the CESR e + e − collider. We present fits to phenomenological models in which resonance parameters associated with the ρ(770) and ρ(1450) mesons are determined. The π −(More)
OBJECTIVE Illness perceptions have proven to be predictive of coping and adjustment in many chronically ill patients. However, insights into illness perceptions of cancer patients are scarce. The purpose of the present study was to explore how a heterogeneous sample of cancer patients perceive their illness. We also examined the relationships between cancer(More)
We have measured the charge asymmetry in like-sign dilepton yields from B(0)B*(0) meson decays using the CLEO detector at the Cornell Electron Storage Ring. We find a(0)(ll) identical with[N(l(+)l(+))-N(l(-)l(-))]/[N(l(+)l(+))+N(l(-)l(-))] = +0.013+/-0.050+/-0.005. We combine this result with a previous, independent measurement and obtain Re(epsilon(B))/(1+(More)
We present a search for direct CP violation in B+/--->J/psiK+/- and B+/--->psi(2S)K+/- decays. In a sample of 9.7x10(6) B&Bmacr; meson pairs collected with the CLEO detector, we have fully reconstructed 534 B+/--->J/psiK+/- and 120 B+/--->psi(2S)K+/- decays with very low background. We have measured the CP-violating charge asymmetry to be(More)
Using data collected with the CLEO II detector we have performed a search for direct CP violation in the Ξ hyperon system. CP violation gives rise to an asymmetry, A, between the parity-violating angular distributions of the decay chains Ξ − → Λπ − , Λ → pπ − and ¯ Ξ + → ¯ Λπ + , ¯ Λ → ¯ pπ +. In the Standard Model, A ≈ 10 −4 to 10 −5. If CP violation were(More)