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Palisade endings form a cuff of nerve terminals around the tip of muscle fibres. They are found only in extraocular muscles, but no definite evidence for their role in eye movements has been established. Palisade endings have been reported in all species so far investigated except the rat. In this study we demonstrate that antibodies against SNAP-25, the(More)
Involvement of the interleukin-6 receptor complex (IL-6RC) in neuroregulatory and immunological processes of the brain and particularly in Alzheimer's disease (AD) has been hypothesized. The functionally active IL-6RC consists of the cytokine IL-6, which acts through the ligand binding IL-6R and the signal transducing gp130. Using a new immunocytochemical(More)
Palisade endings occur only in extraocular muscles, and their function is unknown. They form a cuff of nerve terminals around the tips of muscle fibers. We describe here the advantages of using antibodies to a synaptosomal-associated protein (SNAP-25) to study properties of palisade endings in man, monkey, and rat. The stain can be combined readily with(More)
Liver fibrosis is associated with infiltrating immune cells and activation of hepatic stellate cells. We here aimed to investigate the effects of the CC chemokine CCL3, also known as macrophage inflammatory protein-1α, in two different fibrosis models. To this end, we treated mice either with carbon tetrachloride or with a methionine- and choline-deficient(More)
AIMS To compare the histomorphology of pelvic floor specimens of 94 female cadavers, ten male cadavers, and 24 female symptomatic patients who underwent pelvic floor surgery, and to evaluate the association of age, parity, and sex to myogenic and/or neurogenic changes to the levator ani muscle (LAM). METHODS The pelvic floor was biopsied at the(More)
INTRODUCTION Post-mastectomy seroma and related complications are common problems in modern oncological surgery. Occurrence rates of up to 59% have been reported in literature. High-risk patients, that is, those who have undergone previous surgeries, present with a high body mass index, have had radiation or chemotherapy, present a particular challenge.(More)
INTRODUCTION Post-mastectomy seroma, with an occurrence of up to 59%, is a major complication in modern oncological surgery. While drain placement is a common tool in dealing with this complication, some patients may either be incapable or unwilling to accept this course of action, requiring an alternative option for seroma prevention. A recent study using(More)
  • G Carlsson, Aprikyan Aa, +80 authors Donadieu J Hematopoietic
  • 2009
syndrome: severe congenital neutropenia associated with defective expression of Bcl-2, constitutive mitochondrial release of cytochrome c, and excessive apoptosis of myeloid progenitor cells. Screening for G-CSF receptor mutations in patients with secondary myeloid or lymphoid transformation of severe congenital neutropenia. A report from the French(More)
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