Petra Ecorchard

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The synthesis of ferroeene-ethynyl phosphine platinum dichloride complexes based on (FeC=C)"Ph3 _ nP (ta, 11 = 1; tb, 11 = 2; te, 11 = 3; Fe = ferroeenyl, (.,s-CsHs)(.,s-CsH4 )Fe) is deseribed. Air-oxidation of te afforded (FeC= ChP=O (6). Treatment of ta-tc with [(PhC= NJ,PtClz] (2) or [(tht)AuCI] (tht = tetrahydrothiophene) (7), respeetively, gave the(More)
The synthesis and reaction chemistry of heteromultimetallic transition-metal complexes by linking diverse metal-complex building blocks with multifunctional carbon-rich alkynyl-, benzene-, and bipyridyl-based bridging units is discussed. In context with this background, the preparation of [1-{(eta(2)-dppf)(eta(5)-C(5)H(5))RuC[triple(More)
A straightforward synthesis methodology for the preparation of heterobimetallic [(lls-CsHs)(lls-CsH4CSMe4)Mj (3a, M = Fe; 3b, M = Ru) and [(lls-CsHs)((j.1-lls:11s-CsH4-CsMe4)TiCl3)Mj (4a, M = Fe; 4b. M = Ru) in which early and late transition metals are connected by a fulvalenediyl bridge is reported.
The synthesis and characterisation of a series of novel complexes of type [((tmeda)M-OC(O)-fc-(micro-CO(2)))(2)(micro-H(2)O)] (M = Co, ; M = Ni, ), zwitter-ionic [((pmdta)(H(2)O)Cu(+)-OC(O)-fc-CO(2)(-))(CH(3)OH)] (), and coordination polymer [(tmeda)Cu((OC(O))(2)fc)](n) () (fc = ferrocene-1,1'-diyl, (eta(5)-C(5)H(4))(2)Fe; tmeda =(More)
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