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Three trends accelerate the increase in complexity of large‐scale software development, i.e. software product lines, global development and software ecosystems. For the case study companies we studied, these trends caused several problems, which are organized around architecture, process and organization, and the problems are related to the efficiency and(More)
In organisational science, new organisational concepts such as business process reengineering and virtual organisations are developed. These new types of organisation have more advanced and diierent requirements on their information technology (IT) support, since the relation between the organisation and its IT system is much tighter for these organisation(More)
(online 2014). " Perceived enablers of 3D virtual environments for virtual team learning and innovation, " online in Computers in Human Behavior, special issue on Web-2.0 technologies in support of open, team-based learning and innovation. Abstract Virtual teams consist of geographically distributed employees working with a common goal using mostly(More)