Petra Björndal

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Globally distributed software development (GSD) is increasing in popularity in industry. However, as it is coupled with challenges of distance, time, and culture, it increases the importance of identifying and understanding the specific factors that enable and hinder GSD teams. This paper presents the approach and preliminary findings from an exploratory(More)
The use of technology onboard ships is not typically studied within the HCI community due mainly to the challenges researchers face in gaining access to these environments. However, there is now a higher number of technological devices being used onboard ships to assist crew members in their daily tasks. So gaining access to these environments is even more(More)
Almost everyone today owns some type of mobile device that is not only being used for routine tasks such as making phone calls, but also for more advanced tasks such as social networking. Advances in hardware technology have seen the cost of mobile devices reduce considerably. However, even with the advanced capabilities and relatively low cost, there is(More)
The process of trying to understand users' perspectives and their mental model is inherently challenging, as anyone who has been involved in conducting field studies and interviewing users can attest to. At the heart of this process is the need to create trust between the interviewer and the interviewee in order to build bonds which facilitate richer(More)
Even though service is described as actors integrating resources to achieve values, research on perspectives on knowledge that these actors have when integrating resources has not been part of service design research. In this paper we experiment with a technique, based in a service scenario, to map what actors know as a consequence of the events in the(More)
Within the maritime domain there is a shift taking place towards how troubleshooting (i.e. understanding and fixing equipment issues) is being offered to maritime customers. Instead of travelling to ships around the world, service support engineers now remotely connect and access data from equipment sensors on-board. With this game-changing approach to(More)