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Extrauterine formation of decidua of stromal cells has been well described, particularly in the cervix and ovary. Sporadic reports have documented decidua formation of peritoneal surfaces and lymph nodes as well as ovarian ectopic decidua in pregnant patients. The apparent hormonal mechanism of this phenomenon suggests a relationship to endometriosis.(More)
Before designing a controller in detail, we ask this question: for a given robot state, and every possible control action, what is the minimum number of steps needed to get to a given target state (if it is possible to do so)? Our biped model is a 2D inverted pendulum with massless legs. We have two controls: (i) the magnitude of an impulsive push-off just(More)
Cutaneous necrosis secondary to anticoagulation (heparin and warfarin) and cholesterol (atheromatous) emboli can be similar clinically and histologically. A unique case is reported of cholesterol emboli clinically mimicking heparin necrosis. The patient was a 57 year old white male who underwent coronary angioplasty and was treated with intravenous heparin.(More)
Autoimmune pancreatitis (AIMP) is a recently described clinical entity causing chronic pancreatitis. It often presents with diffuse enlargement of the pancreas and/or a focal mass at the head of the pancreas causing common bile duct obstruction and jaundice. In most instances, AIMP is mistaken for pancreatic cancer. A number of laboratory abnormalities such(More)
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