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This paper deals with problems of evaluating TRT experiment results, related to determining some essential parameters of a rock massif (mainly a thermal conductivity &#x03BB; and a thermal borehole resistance R<sub>B</sub>). In practical use, these parameters are usually prescribed by tables or measured in-situ in this case. This paper also includes some(More)
—The presented article describes two basic technological blocks of so called Flexible power unit which is located in the grounds of the Vítkovice company Ostrava in the Czech Republic. The experimental unit was established to research the use of potential energy in a mixture of dry air and superheated steam, which is called air/steam mixture. Creation of(More)
This paper deals with using measurement, data acquisition, data analysis, and modeling for real technology of two research borehole polygons, located at the district of VSB &#x2014; Technical University of Ostrava. The first part of this paper is focused on some technical description of the Big Research Polygon and the Small Research Polygon (e. g. borehole(More)