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We prove some existence theorems regarding solutions to boundary value problems for systems of second-order discrete inclusions. For a certain class of right-hand sides, we present some lemmas showing that all solutions to discrete second-order inclusions satisfy an a priori bound. Then we apply these a priori bounds, in conjunction with an appropriate(More)
We extend the results concerning periodic boundary value problems from the continuous calculus to time scales. First we use the Schauder fixed point theorem and the concept of lower and upper solutions to prove the existence of the solutions and then we investigate a monotone iterative method which could generate some of them. Since this method does not(More)
This paper deals with solutions of diffusion-type partial dynamic equations on discrete-space domains. We provide two methods for finding explicit solutions, examine their asymptotic behavior and time integrability. These properties depend significantly not only on the underlying time structure but also on the dimension and symmetry of the problem.(More)
We consider a general class of discrete-space linear partial dynamic equations. The basic properties of solutions are provided (existence and uniqueness, sign preservation, maximum principle). Above all, we derive the following main results: first, we prove that the solutions depend continuously on the choice of the time scale. Second, we show that, under(More)
Thermal processing of waste represents not only waste disposal including reducing its volume but also waste to energy (WTE) process. Most up to date municipal solid waste (MSW) incinerators are delivering WTE. Results of energy utilization analysis in one of the type of MSW incinerator are presented in this paper. The aim of the analysis was to identify the(More)
Enzymatic hydrolysis of waste paper is becoming a perspective way to obtain raw material for production of liquid biofuels. Reducing sugars solutions that arise from the process of saccharification are a precursors for following or simultaneous fermentation to ethanol. Different types of waste paper were evaluated, in terms of composition and usability, in(More)
Waste paper belongs to a group of quantitatively the most produced waste types. Enzymatic hydrolysis is becoming a suitable way to treat this type of waste and at the same time, to produce a valuable liquid biofuel, because reducing sugars solutions that are formed during the process of saccharification can be a precursor for following or simultaneous(More)
This paper describes possible ways of prediction of nitrogen oxides formation during combustion of hydrocarbon fuels. Mathematical model based on experimental data acquired from the testing facility has been developed. The model enables to predict--at a high probability measure--the extent of nitrogen oxides emissions. The mathematical model of nitrogen(More)
Well before the global …nancial crisis, the stance of …scal policy in a number of countries had raised concerns about risks for the outcomes of monetary policy. To provide some insights this paper examines the …scal-monetary interactions in a novel game theory framework with asynchronous timing of moves. It generalizes the standard commitment concept of(More)