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The application of multi-agent platform for real-time adaptive scheduling of trucks is considered. In case of unpredictable events the system works adaptively and doesn't stop to restart the plan from the beginning. Different models of cargo transportation for truck companies having own fleet are analysed. The results show that using adaptive scheduling in(More)
The paper gives an overview of a multi-agent real-time scheduling solution for taxi companies. It covers problem definition, describes a multi-agent approach to real-time scheduling, outlines the system architecture and gives performance matrices. Key design decisions are also discussed. The most important achievements are the ability of the system to(More)
We introduce MAGENTA'S commercial multi-agent systems technology, and illustrate its practical use by describing a field-tested application in the area of logistics/scheduling. MAGENTA technology provides two integrated toolsets for building industrial-strength systems: the <i>Ontology Management Toolkit</i> (which enables designers to capture the concepts(More)
The paper describes main features of an Intelligent Scheduler for Road Transportation Applications based on Magenta agent technology and characterized by a number of unique, advanced features such as real-time, incremental, continuous scheduling and schedule improvement, scalability from small to very large enterprise networks, multi-criteria schedule(More)
The paper gives overview of multi-agent dynamic scheduling solution for rent-a-car business domain. Specific requirements for cars and drivers scheduling, developed multi-agent and ontology-based approach for real time scheduling, systems architecture and performance measurements are presented. Key design decisions and results of first stage of developments(More)
We consider the logistic issues for The London Underground (LU), which spans the entire city, and is a vast network of interrelated railway lines. By its very nature, it is a dynamic, complex and unpredictable environment; operating or being maintained 24 hours-a-day. This paper reports on an investigation in to how a Multi-Agent System (MAS) may be used(More)
This paper describes methodology, toolset and case studies of adaptive planning for supply chain networks based on the holistic approach, multi-agent technology and ontological modeling. The set of tools for the development of adaptive planners can be used for a wide range of applications. Case studies are included describing applications inr adaptive(More)