Petr Potekhin

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The concentrations of epidermal growth factor (EGF) in saliva, gastric juice, and blood and those of macrophages in mucosal biopsy specimens were determined in children with duodenal ulcer disease. The maximum level of EGF was noted in the saliva. There were unidirectional positive changes in the levels of EGF and macrophages during ulcerative defect(More)
In this work, we consider the problems of job flow distribution and ranked job framework forming within a model of cycle scheduling in Grid virtual organizations. The problem of job flow distribution is solved in terms of jobs and computing resource domains compatibility. A coefficient estimating such compatibility is introduced and studied experimentally.(More)
A preference-based approach is proposed for Grid computing with regard to preferences given by various groups of virtual organization (VO) stakeholders (such as users, resource owners and administrators) to improve overall quality of service and resource load efficiency. A specific cyclic job batch scheduling scheme is examined which performs job flow(More)
As a result of experiments on white male rats after an immobilization stress that resulted in the formation of sharp ulcer defects in the gastroduodenal zone, it was established that the daily 5-day peroral administration of the collection of herbs (Korniozil) in the volume of 4-6 ml in equal dozes 3 times a day as 9-12% of a water-alcohol solution had a(More)