Petr Pfeifer

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Wireless communication technologies have experienced an explosive development during the last two decades, based on the concept of cellular phones. More recently, short-distance wireless communication has also been discussed as a way to connect embedded electronic systems in industrial applications. Such systems have to work under stringent real-time(More)
This paper presents a method and results from measurement of internal parameters of Xilinx XC7Z020 Zynq device - the programmable microelectronic nanostructures designed on 28 nm TSMC's technology. The presented method utilizes undersampling approach and a very easy way of processing of BRAM data streams. The presented flexible circuits have been used in(More)
The rapidly growing world of FPGA devices offers important as well as interesting platforms for analyses of process scaling. It creates also new study opportunities in case of new process variations and degradation effects. Changes in parameters of FPGAs in time or under either power supply voltage or temperature variations result in timing variations or(More)
  • Petr Pfeifer
  • 2015 25th International Conference on Field…
  • 2015
Wide portfolio of new technologies in design and manufacturing of advanced integrated circuits enabled higher integration of complex structures at ultra-high nanoscale densities, however they are subjects to sensitivity to various changes of the internal nanostructures and their parameters, resulting in the requirement of advanced measurements and complex(More)
Rapidly growing portfolio of new technologies in design and manufacturing of advanced integrated circuits allow higher integration of complex structures in ultra-high nano-scale densities. However, the real new devices are sensitive subjects to unacceptable effects of changes of the internal nanostructures. Changes in parameters due to process variations or(More)