Petr O. Ilyinskii

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Residues 17 and 18 in nef of SIVmac239 were changed from RQ to YE to create a translated sequence of SRPSGDLYERLLRARGETYGRLLGEVEDGYSQSP from residues 10-43. The YXXL motifs in this context match very well with consensus sequences for SH2 binding domains and are similar to ones present in nef of the acutely lethal pathogen SIVpbj14. The YE variant of(More)
BACKGROUND Experimental data accumulated over more than a decade indicate that cross-strain protection against influenza may be achieved by immunization with conserved influenza proteins. At the same time, the efficacy of immunization schemes designed along these lines and involving internal influenza proteins, mostly NP and M1, has not been sufficient. (More)
A short stretch of T-rich sequences immediately upstream of the polypurine tract (PPT) is highly conserved in the proviral genomes of human and simian immunodeficiency viruses (HIV and SIV). To investigate whether this 'U-box' influences SIVmac239 replication, we analyzed the properties of mutants with changes in this region of the viral genome. All mutants(More)
Augmentation of immunogenicity can be achieved by particulate delivery of an antigen and by its co-administration with an adjuvant. However, many adjuvants initiate strong systemic inflammatory reactions in vivo, leading to potential adverse events and safety concerns. We have developed a synthetic vaccine particle (SVP) technology that enables(More)
The effectiveness of recombinant vaccines encoding full-length M2 protein of influenza virus or its ectodomain (M2e) have previously been tested in a number of models with varying degrees of success. Recently, we reported a strong cytotoxic effect exhibited by M2 on mammalian cells in vitro. Here we demonstrated a decrease in protection when M2 was added to(More)
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