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BACKGROUND Autosomal monosomies in human are generally suggested to be incompatible with life; however, there is quite a number of cytogenetic reports describing full monosomy of one chromosome 21 in live born children. Here, we report a cytogenetically similar case associated with congenital malformation including mental retardation, motor development(More)
Let X 1 , X 2 ,. .. be a discrete-time stochastic process with a distribution P θ , θ ∈ Θ, where Θ is an open subset of the real line. We consider the problem of testing a simple hypothesis H 0 : θ = θ 0 versus a composite alternative H 1 : θ > θ 0 , where θ 0 ∈ Θ is some fixed point. The main goal of this article is to characterize the structure of locally(More)
Additive manufacturing brings a variety of new possibilities within manufacturing, current fabrication technologies are highly standardized. Deviation from standard sizing or elements results in a significant production costs increases. Additive manufacturing can offers the possibility to significantly reduce these costs allowing for greater customized(More)
The results of direct DNA diagnostics in nine patients with Marfan syndrome, aged from two to 52 years old, and four unhealthy relatives with the same disease from two unrelated families have been presented for the first time in Russia. Eight mutations in the gene FBN1 were revealed. One patient demonstrated a substitution with unknown clinical importance,(More)
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