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A series of twenty substituted 2-hydroxy-3-[(2-aryloxyethyl)amino]propyl 4-[(alkoxycarbonyl)amino]benzoates were prepared and characterized. As similar compounds have been described as potential antimycobacterials, primary in vitro screening of the synthesized carbamates was also performed against two mycobacterial species.(More)
Five new 3-(4-arylpiperazin-1-yl)-2-hydroxypropyl 4-propoxybenzoates were designed and synthesized as potential dual antihypertensive agents. The compounds were prepared as free bases and subsequently transformed to hydrochloride salts. The position of protonation of nitrogen atoms in the piperazine ring of hydrochloride salts was determined by means of(More)
Nine new dihydrochloride salts of 3-(4-arylpiperazin-1-yl)-2-hydroxypropyl 4-alkoxyethoxybenzoates were designed and synthesized. The physicochemical properties such as lipophilicity index (log kw) and dissociation constant (pKa) were experimentally determined and compared to the software calculated data. The lipophilicity index was determined by means of(More)
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