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Environmental economists are increasingly interested in better understanding how people cognitively organise their beliefs and attitudes towards environmental change in order to identify key motives and barriers that stimulate or prevent action. In this paper, we explore the utility of a commonly used psychometric scale, the awareness of consequences (AC)(More)
Hybrid choice models expand the standard models in discrete choice modelling by incorporating psychological factors as latent variables. They could therefore provide further insights into choice processes and underlying taste heterogeneity but the costs of estimating these models often significantly increase. This paper aims at comparing the results from a(More)
To prevent crusty rhinitis responsible for necrosis and sequestration of bone grafts used for anterior reconstruction following the extensive resection of ethmoido-frontal neoplasms, the authors propose lining the endocranial surface of these grafts by pericranium with a temporalis muscle based pedicle. The endonasal surface is covered by a pedicle galea(More)
Tenth nerve chemodectoma is one of the rarest varieties of cervicocephalic paragangliomas, far behind tumors developed from the carotid body. Based on findings in three patients, one reported previously, clinical and biological features of these formations are discussed. Recent data and those from personal studies are exposed, and arguments presented(More)