Petr Kovár

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It was proved by Fronček, Jerebic, Klavžar, and Kovář that if a complete bi-partite graph K n,n with a perfect matching removed can be covered by k bicliques, then n ≤ k k 2. We give a slightly simplified proof and we show that the result is tight. Moreover we use the result to prove analogous bounds for coverings of some other classes of graphs by(More)
A generalized prism, or more specifically an (0, j)-prism of order 2n (where n is even) is a cubic graph consisting of two cycles u The question of factorization of complete bipartite graphs into (0, j)-prisms was completely settled by the author and S. Cichacz. Some partial results have also been obtained by them and P. Kovar and S. Dib. We will present a(More)