Petr Kotas

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Algae are becoming a strategic source of fuels, food, feedstocks, and biologically active compounds. This potential has stimulated the development of innovative analytical methods focused on these microorganisms. Algal lipids are among the most promising potential products for fuels as well as for nutrition. The crucial parameter characterizing the algal(More)
Species-rich oligotrophic meadows are affected by a wide range of management interventions that influence their functioning and capacity to deliver ecosystem services, but long-term studies on the above- and belowground adaptations to different management tools are still scarce. We focused on the interactive effects of NPK fertilization, mowing, and removal(More)
The aim of the research is the development and testing of new methods to classify the quality of metallographic samples of steels with high added value, for example, grades X70 according API. In this paper, we address the development of methods to classify the quality of slab samples images with the main emphasis on the quality of the image center called as(More)
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