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This paper describes the methods used in the submission of Knowledge Media institute (KMI), The Open University to the NTCIR-9 Cross-Lingual Link Discovery (CLLD) task entitled CrossLink. KMI submitted four runs for link discovery from English to Chinese; however, the developed methods, which utilise Explicit Semantic Analysis (ESA), are applicable also to(More)
Automatic Term Recognition focuses on the extraction of words and multi-word expressions that are significant for a given domain. There is a considerable interest in using ATR for automatic metadata generation, creation of thesauri and terminological glossaries, keyword extraction, ontology building, etc. In this paper, we build upon the work done at the(More)
Over the recent years, there has been a growing interest in developing new research evaluation methods that could go beyond the traditional citation-based metrics. This interest is motivated on one side by the wider availability or even emergence of new information evidencing research performance, such as article downloads, views and Twitter mentions, and(More)
This paper investigates the use and the prediction potential of semantic similarity measures for automatic generation of links across different documents and passages. First, the correlation between the way people link content and the results produced by standard semantic similarity measures is investigated. The relation between semantic similarity and the(More)
The current paper deals with the relation between language resources and Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) systems: language resources are essential in the development of CALL applications, during the development of the system resources are created, and finally the CALL system itself can be used to generate additional resources that are useful for(More)
This paper explores how to automatically generate cross-language links between resources in large document collections. The paper presents new methods for Cross-Lingual Link Discovery (CLLD) based on Explicit Semantic Analysis (ESA). The methods are applicable to any multilingual document collection. In this report, we present their comparative study on the(More)